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Security 360 With Mike Nash (and Adam)

Last week, I was in Redmond for a few days, filming a roundtable discussion with Amy Roberts of Microsoft, Gerry Gebel of the Burton Group and Peter Cullen, Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Strategist.

I think we had a great discussion, the time went by really quickly. I hope that the good energy we had in the conversation comes through on the webcast. The webcast will be tomorrow, (Tuesday) 18 October, at 9AM Pacific time.
You need to pre-register here.

As an aside, Microsoft Studios has awesome art on the walls: blueprints derived from a wide assortment of TV shows, from the Kramer’s apartment in the Honeymooners to Gilligan’s Island, to the Addams Family Mansion to the ship from Lost in Space. Very cool, I should have taken pictures.

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