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"Worth Reading" (Elements of Blogging Style)

The phrase worth reading is a crutch for lazy writers. I use it a lot, and shall use it less. Please call me, and anyone else you read on this bit of spinelessness in our writing.

At least, I’ll endeavor to say why I find something worth reading, and try to suggest which readers might find it interesting and why.

4 comments on ""Worth Reading" (Elements of Blogging Style)"

  • We have day jobs. There isn’t always time to write a decent post. Sometimes you joint want to point to something well done.

  • I second Alice’s comment. The issue is not the use of the phase “worth reading.” It is whether or not what you point us to is, in fact, worth reading.
    From the ego-centered point of view: blogs, especially this one, allow me to see things that I otherwise would not be able to see. I would much rather see a timely pointer than potentially miss something interesting because you are waiting for time to react intelligently. You and Chris read stuff that I don’t, and I enjoy seeing things that are valuable.
    From the social-welfare perspective, I still like the metaphor of the blogosphere as massive upwards-filtering mechanism. The spreading of good memes can be a valuable by increasing the chance that other people see a good idea and improve on it. Even if thoughtful analysis is not from you, it could come from your (incredibly inciteful and talented) commenters, or the next person that links to it in their blog.
    Also, “worth reading” is a lot better than “read the whole thing”. a patronizing null-phrase that floats around the political blogosphere.
    Thanks for doing a great job with EC. Keep it up!

  • Adam says:

    The issue isn’t teh phrase “worth reading,” its a failure to explain why & to whom things might be worth reading. See the next post for what I hope is a more clear illustration of what I meant.

  • Ok, but you are worth reading.

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