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Small Bits of Chaos: Airports, Junk Mail and Employment Law (Context-free)

  • zippo-camera.jpgScared Monkeys asks “Could Iris Scanning be Coming To an Airport Near You?” (As if the TSA hadn’t wasted enough money on machines that don’t work, or seizing zippo lighter cameras.) Maybe the camera in their iris scanner was busted?
  • New blog “The Dunning Letter” claims to be from a long-time junk mailer, now repentant.

    So, how do we solve the problem? I’ll tell you how. Congress must pass federal legislation, giving consumers 100% control over the use of their name and personal information. Don’t you think your own privacy is something that should be solidly under your jurisdiction? And don’t you believe you should share in the $4 billion junk mailers make annually from the sale of your name and private data? Your answer should be a resounding YES to both questions.

  • Corporate Counsel lists the “The 10 Most Bizarre Employment Cases of 2004.”
  • TK at NCircle blogs about “Context is Mandatory.” (Hi, TK!) While I was reading that, in another window, I was searching for a good definition of Chartjunk. Tufte discusses context as key to explaining data, and there’s this great quote:

    “Lurking behind chartjunk is contempt both for information and for the audience. Clarity and simplicity are the complete opposite of simple-mindedness. Data-thin, forgetful displays move viewers toward ignorance and passivity.”

2 comments on "Small Bits of Chaos: Airports, Junk Mail and Employment Law (Context-free)"

  • TJ says:

    I don’t think not allowing the zippo case is all that strange. It’s a very strong *container*. Very strong containers stuffed with the proper fast-burning substance could be dangerous.
    Of course, try explaining why they let umbrellas on planes.

  • Adam says:

    I get what you’re saying, but I can bring an altoids can on board. Heck, I can use a newspaper to shape a charge of the size that would fit into an altoids can.

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