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Rob Slade Ben Rothke Writes a Positive Review (Forensic Discovery) [Ooops!]

Rob Slade reviews security books. No, more generally, Rob Slade points out in excruciating detail the flaws in security books. So when he I misread a post from ISN and think it says Slade, rather than Rothke, I look like a real fool who can’t find the flaws in my own writing. Really, Ben Rothke, who does a good job reviewing, and is not nearly so cutting as Slade says:

The book’s target reader is anyone who wants to deepen his understanding of how computer systems work, as well as anyone who is likely to become involved with the technical aspects of computer intrusion or system analysis. The topics are too advanced, to make it the right book for the novice system administrator. For the technical reader, though, Forensic Discovery is one of the best computer security books published in the last year. The value of the information is immense, and the extensive experience that the authors bring is unmatched.

We take notice. Really, we take notice regardless. Farmer and Venema are smart, and I have great respect for authors whose authority comes from the quality, not the quantity of their words. Ironic, given today’s post volume, eh? Oh, and “thanks,” Mort.