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Mordaxus, redux

We’ve enjoyed having Mordaxus with us for the last month or so, and are pleased that he’ll be a sticking around as a permanent member of the Combo. A few quick comments on my pseudonomys co-horts.

First, why do I have pseudonymous co-bloggers? There’s a long history of artists appearing under names not their own, ranging from the obvious (Sting, Bono or The symbol usually pronounced as 'the artist formerly known as Prince') to the less obvious Joe Strummer or Bob Dylan. Less metaphorically, there’s “Publius,” who wasn’t always exactly one person. We’re proud to continue these traditions here at the Combo.

Second, I’ve had several people ask me if Mordaxus is a Microsoft employee. Neither Mordaxus or Arthur are Microsoft employees. If they were, you’d know it, to satisfy both my own and the corporate code of ethics.

Lastly, nyms are about privacy, and separation. They allow you to
jazz things up, and not be always on message and in tune.

Photo “Jazz In Progress” is from Ivo Stad & Land.