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Bank of America, some credit card numbers, laptop

In a letters sent to Buxx [prepaid debit cards] users and dated Sept. 23, [Bank of America] warned that customers may have had their bank account numbers, routing transit numbers, names and credit card numbers compromised by the theft. Visa Buxx is a prepaid credit card for teenagers that the Bank of America (BofA) stopped selling in January.

The laptop, which belonged to an unnamed Bank of America “service provider” was stolen on Aug. 29, said Diane Wagner, a BofA spokeswoman. The bank was notified of the theft on Sept. 9, and began sending out the letters after a two-week investigation, she said.

From Infoworld, “Bank of America notifying customers after laptop theft,” via Chris Walsh. Buxx seems to be an offering of Visa Debit Processing Service.

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