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"Good thing there's a monopoly"

“Unionized employees at the SAQ are launching a four day strike that will shut down Quebec liquor board stores for the weekend.” Says the Montreal CBC site.

The SAQ is Quebec’s government owned liquor monopoly. Non-SAQ stores can sell only bad wine and some beer. (No, really, there’s a list of approved wines that others can sell. Its all bad.) They do an ok job with it, but they get way too much (50-60% of each store, as I recall) French wine. When asked why, they explain that that’s what sells.

Maybe if they go on strike, it will lead to legalized competition in liquor sales.
We can hope.

3 comments on ""Good thing there's a monopoly""

  • Nudecybot says:

    Damn, I’m out of scotch!

  • Chris Beck says:

    1) Hoho, it is to laugh. So the most corrupt government north of the Rio Grande would give up it’s monopoly on liquor sales? The other option is to legislate the employees back to work. I know which option I think they’ll take.
    2) ‘Cybot … hoho, it is to laugh. I just picked up a bottle of Springbank last week.

  • adam says:

    What? Louisiana has a monopoly on liqour sales?

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