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Choicepoint Roundup for Today (27 Feb)

  • Choicepoint doesn’t make an appearance in the June, 2003 Congressional testimony of Leonard Bennett, (or PDF), but the testimony is on how hard it is to get your credit files corrected with those companies that follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Given that Choicepoint believes that they don’t even have to do that, it will be poetic justice if whatever new law comes down on them is more expensive, and requires real rights of correction.
    (via Credit Suit, I think.)

  • This FoxNews story has some good old fashioned skepticism about government, and has a good quote from Jim Harper, of the Cato Institute:

    “If a company this central to this [surveillance] process is this careless, I think we should definitely step back and wonder about data mining,” he added.

  • Do you need a job? Really, really badly?
  • Adam Fields asks Is ‘We Deeply Regret’ the new corporate motto?
  • Len Bullard comments that Choicepoint has just bought I2; I hope he says more on why that scares him.
  • KipEsquire has an analysis of externalities of credit reporting that I’d missed earlier.
  • There’s some good background in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution about how Oluwatosin was arrested.
  • And finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from the resigned Quietness Distilled.