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Small Bits: Soviet Realism at DHS and in China, Going Public, Lameness, and Curves


  • Artiloop reports on a security poster on the Marc commuter trains. Its clearly the work of a thoughtcriminal, encouraging ironic responses. I want to heroically help plan the tractor factory.
  • I’ve been meaning to discuss the Chinese blog crackdown, but instead I’ll just juxtapose it with Soviet Realism.
  • The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that its not OK for the provinces to forbid private health care arrangements. The New York Times can’t help but editorialize with a headline of “In Blow to Canada’s Health System, Quebec Law Is Voided:”

    The court ruled that the waiting lists had become so long that they violated patients’ “life and personal security, inviolability and freedom” under the Quebec charter of human rights and freedoms, which covers about one-quarter of Canada’s population.

    How about “in blow for human liberty and dignity, Canadians allowed to spend their money as they see fit?

  • Silicon Beat reports that “Silicon Valley’s Polyfuel to go public in……London?” I’ve talked in the past about the effects of “Sarbox and Venture Capital,” in which I said: “In any event, I’m confident that investors and startups will work out new exit strategies.” It seems that in this case, the strategy may be to use a non-US market. I’m not sure what that does to compliance costs. Anyone?
  • normal-curve-framed.jpg
    Lamest Edit Wars of Wikipedia.

  • At Statistical Modelling, Andrew posts some cool Normal curves. (I think its lens flare which causes it to be in front of the person.)

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