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Choicepoint, April 14

  • Following yesterday’s Congressional testimony, there’s analysis by Thomas Greene in The Register, also in Internet News. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Choicepoint VP Doug Curling, and LexisNexis President Kurt Stanford both seemed to come out as accepting of extending fair information practices to their businesses.

    The testimony prompted editorials in USA Today, and the Washington Post.
    Perhaps the best line, from Thomas Greene, is:

    FTC Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras advised the Committee to avoid over-notification. “Consumers will become numb to notices,” she said.

    That’s how bad it is, huh? We’ll become numb if we knew the truth?

  • Bruce Schneier has insightful analysis at cnet.
  • According to this press release:

    The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) announced today that ChoicePoint is partnering with the ITRC to combat identity theft via a four-year funding commitment to expand ITRC’s current victim assistance and consumer education program.

    The ChoicePoint Foundation is paying $1 Million over 4 years. Congrats to the ITRC. I’ve mentioned a profile of the Foleys, who run the center.

    My Choicepoint category archive includes extensive coverage of the most recent Choicepoint ID theft issue.