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Open Thread

What’s on your mind?

Extra points for mocking other members of the combo for not posting.

Me? I’m wondering why the opening of the Parliament of South Africa involves so many bagpipes.

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  • Nicko says:

    I’ve been wondering something too… It has been suggested a number of times on this site that donating to a political party represents ‘speech’ from the point of view of freedom of speech, as opposed to being an action. Personally I don’t subscribe to this position but if it were to be true then isn’t taxation against the First Amendment since it is clearly a prior restraint by government upon how you spend your money?

  • C says:

    I went to a conference a couple months back and sitting around the table with some other sec professionals a guy made an interesting point in regards to online file sharing.
    The idea was that ‘sharing’ has been drilled into our skills since preschool. Sharing is caring sort of thing. No need to go into details about it really, plenty of flaws with the idea (particularly in context) but its been on my mind.

  • Adam,
    Scottish regiments fought in His Majesty’s Army during the Boer Wars in South Africa.
    Here’s a good video for background, from “Instrument of War – the story of the Great Highland Bagpipe”. Note the pipes at the 2min mark:

  • mordaxus says:

    Gawd, Arthur is so lame for not mocking me before I mocked him.

  • Nicko says:

    @Mordaxus: And I thought you were going to come back with some non-posting excuse like you’d spent the last week with your wife, on a beach, drinking Mai Tais and sunning yourselves on some tropical island! 🙂

  • All parliament openings involve hot air, ours is just efficiently recycled for musical purposes.

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