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Dear Gmail

gmail-disabled2.pngThank you so much for your recent letter, telling me that

We’ve noticed that you haven’t used your Gmail account,, for quite some time. In order to make Gmail better
for our users, we’ve added a lot of things in the last few months and we hope
you’ll want to start using your account again. Here are just some of the latest

We’re still working hard every day to build you the best email service around.
But to keep Gmail great for our users, we may have to close inactive accounts
after 9 months. So, we hope you’ll give us another chance. To log in to your
Gmail account, just visit:

The Gmail Team

We sent you this message because we wanted to warn you of your account’s
inactivity and remind you of our dormant account policies…

Ummm, yeah. I know. Do you have to go rubbing it in?