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The Kristian Von Hornsleth of the Blogosphere?

Apparently, artist Kristian Von Hornsleth has been paying Ugandans to rename themselves Hornsleth, as a way of drawing attention to aid failures. His exhibit is sub-titled “We want to help you, but we want to own you.”

I think it’s brilliant. Regular readers know that we talk a lot about identity, id cards, and economics. So this is an art project that really touches me, and I’d like to participate. Mr. Hornsleth, will you donate one extra animal if I rename this blog the Kristian Von Hornsleth of the blogosphere for a week?

Via the BBC, “Storm over ‘pig-for-name’ artist.” To the racism question that leads the beeb story, I think that the racial overtones are cleverly used by the artist to draw attention to a very real problem of ineffective aid.

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  • News|November 21,2006
    Von Hornsleth finds followers abroad,vows to sue MONITOR
    Dr.Samuel Ubungwu (M.B.O.)
    The Danish artist now claims that his name was deliberately mis-spelled by MONITOR.”I used to admire MONITOR for its independent stance,however reading my name as:”Hornsleth” in its articles was unforgivable. Omitting ‘VON’-an integral part of my name-is a denial of my noble descent in Europe. It is my intention to undertake legal steps towards the newspaper.
    How would they (Monitor) like it when they were being referred to as “Onitor”? How would minister James Nsaba Butoro and his family like it if they were called “Utoro” in Monitor’s articles?
    I take this matter very seriously,”says von Hornsleth.
    A more recent development reached us from our own parliamentary senior reporter, Mr.Gerald Walulya, presently attending post-graduate classes in Oslo,Norway.
    Says Mr.Waluya:”When stopping over in Holland en route to Oslo last September I was offered a black piglet by Willem A., a Dutch citizen,provided that I ADD: VAN ZANTEN to my tribal name.
    At first I was appalled by Willem A.’s proposal which I deemed very obnoxious.After having pondered over the matter and hearing of the von Hornsleth scheme in Buteyongera I changed my mind and conceded adding Willem A.’s mother’s maiden name to my own name.Look how beautiful the black piglet is! She weighs in at 120 kilos and will be flown into Entebbe by the end of the year 2008,then weighing approximately 300 kilos.(see attached picture)Her name is ALIDA after Willem A.’s late mother who died 92 years old.
    My wife and I have committed to keep ALIDA for at least 15 years before she eventually goes to the slaughter house,in the mean time providing us with innumerable offspring for which the names allready are established.”
    Willlem A.’s mother’s (ALIDA)brother,a Dutch citizen,during the second world war served in the German WAFFEN-SS, notorious for its cruelty and infamous torturing practices.He found himself in Dutch prison after war’s end,sentenced for high treason in Holland.
    Five years later he migrated with his wife to South West Africa,(now Namibia) and worked his way up to become the CEO of all fishing industries.Dick VAN ZANTEN and his wife Geertje had four children born in Namibia who -without exception-joined the South African police force during the appartheid’s era.When Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s president,its white police force’s salaries were frozen.Only black officers were promoted to higher ranks and higher salaries. Forced by this situation and their inability to support their families the eldest VAN ZANTEN sons (there were two daughters and two sons)moved from South Africa to war-torn Iraq to join and train the privately owned security forces at an exorbitant remuneration. The Iraqi stint of the brothers was short lived as they considered the situation there far too dangerous: after half a year they returned to South Africa unscathed,investing their money in a Pretoria gynasium and fitness centre.
    Says Gerald Walulya VAN ZANTEN now:”I am proud taking part in a reconciliatory process, bearing the VAN ZANTEN name.Other than giving me a ‘flair’ of very old European nobility, I cherish the possession of ALIDA,a great assett for my wife Maggie and my lovely two year old daughter Dorcus who will enjoy caressing the future black piglets -ALIDA’S offspring-.
    “A friend of mine in Kaweeri (Mubende district) Jimmy Zziwa has also shown a great interest in the project. His mother owns a farm in that region. It was Jim who first got contact with the Dutchman Willem A. at Monitor’s chat box now four years ago.
    Willem A. was interested to have a book titled:’Harriet the book’ written by Harriet Entebbe, to be published in Kampala. Jim called for my help in publishing matters.
    ‘Harriet’ is the story of a beautiful Ugandan young lady migrating to the Netherlands where she ends up in the sex-industry in the year 2000. My efforts with Fountain Publishers and Mr. Okia of Net Media publishers in Kampala to have the book published there remained fruitless as the book’s contents proved to be too controversial and too advanced for a Ugandan readership.
    As the afore mentioned publishers have NO contacts with other East African and African publisher ‘Harriet’ the book project was deemed to fail.
    It is my endeavour to have the book published in Scandinavian countries now and look forward to join ALIDA on her flight to Uganda after two years from now!”
    (from Dr.Ubungwu’s interview with von Hornsleth and Gerald Walulia van Zanten)

  • Juliet B. Martin says:

    you are a disgrace to humanity. You are in no way helping the poor people of Mukono; you are simply advancing, a burning desire to be the ‘king’ of actually ignorance and stupidity.
    May God judge you for your harsh deeds. You remind us of colonialism but in a new and ruder form. There is no way you are helping;just fulfilling your stupid and selfish desire. You certainly got the attention that you so much crave and for you to even think of using the ugandan flag is a disgrace for us Ugandans who, poor as we may be are happy and content.
    You are modern day Idi Amin .

  • harish says:

    You have not changed much have you ?? I like it. Your mind is more active than ever before . You bring out major social issues out in the open .Good , keep the good work going
    Love to Mdelon. will call you soon

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