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Deborah Davis Charges Dropped, Rally to Proceed

Ann Harrison reports:

The government dropped all charges against Deborah Davis yesterday for failing to show her ID on a Denver public bus. Officials claim that passengers still have to show ID to transit through the Denver Federal Center, but said there were no clear signs to inform them of this requirement. Davis’ lawyers are not going away. Her arrest gives them standing to sue the federal government for false arrest. The lawyers are now negotiating with federal officials to prevent the ID requirement from being enforced on Denver city buses.

The scheduled rally in support of Davis will still be held on December 9 to protest demand for ID. A group of Davis’ supporters, reporters and lawyers will then take a “victory ride” through the Federal Center on Route 100. Some are planning not to show their IDs. Johnson told the Rocky Mountain News that lawyers are standing by in Denver to provide legal representation for anyone arrested.

If you’re in Denver, show up for the rally tomorrow. It’s important to send the message that we value our freedoms.

One comment on "Deborah Davis Charges Dropped, Rally to Proceed"

  • Bruce Ediger says:

    I live in Denver. Alas, I won’t go to the rally.
    I did see this reported on local tee vee (Channel 9, Adele Arakawa presenting). It was about a 2-second story, the charges “dropped on a technicality”. The way Ms Arakawa presented it made one think that the defense had weaseled something, while in fact the (federal!) prosecutors seemed to have found an excuse *not* to prosecute. I’m guessing that’s because the feds fear that should this sort of case ever make it to court, a quick decision would make “your papers, please!” into a punishable offense.

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