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Congratulations, Justin!

Justin Mason has won the 2009 Irish Blog Award for Best Technology Blog/Blogger.

I don’t know how Justin manages to stay engaged with his blog and others while getting so much work done. When I say others, I mean this blog. Justin found Emergent Chaos back when it was a solo gig and I was blogging about taxonomies a lot. It was really cool to engage with him, and helped me see the potential for where this might go.

So thanks, Justin, and congratulations on a well-deserved award!

One comment on "Congratulations, Justin!"

  • Justin Mason says:

    hi Adam —
    cheers! 😉 I wish I was still getting that much work done; sadly nowadays my free time keeps dwindling. Still, blogging is pretty compelling anyway.
    Thanks too to yourself and the rest of the EC guys for a great blog 😉

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