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Security, Privacy and A Digression into Copyrights


(Via Caspar and Nicko.)

I hesitated before posting this. I’m pretty sure it’s a Dr. Fun cartoon, but the jerks in “my confined space” have obscured the signature.

I try hard to attribute all the images I use here. I’ve given credit to Galerie which we use to produce the frames. (They even added a feature to make that easier. I’d say buy it, but, umm, it’s free.) I digress. I may not always manage to attribute the photos, but I certainly don’t take others work and intentionally obscure its origins for my own aggrandizement.

If anyone knows of the proper author, I’d love to provide credit where it’s due. In the meanwhile, enjoy the cartoon. [Update: Saar Drimer ran this a few days ago, and found an un-edited version which includes the credit to Clay Bennett, and the publisher, the Christian Science Monitor.

I find myself really irked at the jerks who covered up credit for the work. They’re not only taking the work without paying, they’re preventing readers from finding more great work like Clay’s. It’s enough to almost make me think about the possibility of maybe one day reconsidering my hatred of the RIAA.]

[Update 2: I thought about replacing the picture with a properly signed one, but then readers wouldn’t understand what I’m ranting about.]

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