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Toorcamp: Gender Issues, Cognitive Psychology and Hacking

So the announcement for Toorcamp is out, and it looks like an exciting few days.

A few talks already announced look very new school, including “How you can be an ally to us females” by Danielle Hulton and Leigh Honeywell, and “Cognitive Psychology for Hackers.”

It’s in the far northwester corner of the US, and you should check it out.

One comment on "Toorcamp: Gender Issues, Cognitive Psychology and Hacking"

  • Jan says:

    Hey guys. I have noticed the new wave of hacking networkers on the buses and trains.
    I have been signal stalked as well has having several cell phones delivered and retreived for it’s contacts.
    I was cyberstalked at school for Financial Aid Hacking.
    Is this really albout hacking know how?
    will it teach me to protect my info during the Info-Street War in progress as we speak.
    I am planning to do a radio talk show in the near future.
    Perhaps I could give you a plug to help your ratings and revenue to go up…

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