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New Orleans Roundup

There’s a lot of amazing things being written out there. One of the more fascinating would be Interdictor’s LiveJournal. He’s keeping a New Orleans ISP running, and blogging as he and his co-workers do. He asks that we link with, but that’s been intermittent. Use Livejournal as a backup.

Michael Froomkin has a roundup, “A Total Disaster.” The video link is especially worthwhile. The New York Times has “Local Officials Criticize Federal Government Over Response.” Tyler Cowan has a “A short recent history of FEMA,” with some hard questions for libertarians.

Finally, the CounterTerrorism blog has Security Chaos in Hurricane Aftermath – What Does It Mean for the Future?:

If America ever suffers a WMD terrorist attack with widespread destruction and casualties, how the Federal Government responds to the Katrina aftermath may be indicative of what the American people could expect after some future massive terrorism event. Unfortunately, what we are seeing with the rapid breakdown of law and order in New Orleans might also be indicative of what could be expected after an extended, large-scale disaster in any large metropolitan area.

2 comments on "New Orleans Roundup"

  • jamal says:

    My condolences goes out to the victims. The instance of the crime and violence must be making matters much worse. What im surprised that people are forgetting, is that new-orleans has a high rate of crime anyhow. This includes drugs abuse, sexual and violent crime. It is therefore reasonable to assume that some level of crime is occuring in the affected areas, which could either be more or less than currently reported. Probably a mix of survival, fear and criminality…. it must be hell to be there!
    The victims of katrina should therefore be on their guard. I would!
    The govt. should have acted sooner, and should be doing more now. Im sure that the fact New Orleans is a Southern State and has a high black population has alot to do with it!
    Opinionated Voice
    Opinionated Voice

  • Belinda Perry says:

    I am seaching for my family members. Leah Gallager ( Maiden Name )and husband and two kids.

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