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Use Blogger, Be Ignored

Every now and then, I come across a blog I want to skim regularly. When its easy to do so, I add it to my list. Which is to say I drop the RSS feed at NetNewswire, and I then at least see the headlines.

Blogspot/Blogger doesn’t make it easy to add RSS to your site. Of the roughly 120 feeds that I read, 2/3s are in RSS. Of the remaining 40, half I either like the graphical layout, or want to be reminded of who I’m reading as I read. The other half are not available as RSS, and half of those are in blogger. The bookmark group is getting pretty full, and there’s a high bar to getting on that list now. Most blogger blogs don’t make it.

Closely related is Steve Lawrence’s Online or Invisible article.

4 comments on "Use Blogger, Be Ignored"

  • That was one of the reasons I switched to the NNW 2 beta; Atom support. Most of the blogspot blogs I read do have an Atom feed. (There’s a 1.09 beta with some Atom support as well, but NNW2’s is much better and also fixes a problem I was having with the New York Times RSS feeds.)

  • NudeCybot says:

    I’m on Blogger and lack of RSS as well as categories are good reasons for getting off it.
    However, I have used Feedburner to do a good job of providing my site feed in RSS for now.

  • Pacanukeha says:

    Doesn’t atom count?
    I use Thunderbird as my blog reader … it’s pretty agnostic. As is Nudeboy’s Opera, I believe.
    Speaking of blogs and security … Bruce Schneier has a blog now too.
    I think I’ll enjoy it here 🙂

  • adam says:

    Also, netnewswire 1 didn’t support atom, but i suppose I’ll upgrade to yet another beta product from ranchero.

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