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Small Bits of Chaos: Emergent Value, My Sister Libertarianism, Sullivan on Privacy

  • Justin Mason has a post on Open APIs, Open Source, And Giving Away The Crown Jewels. I talked about very similar issues in Emergent Uses of Technology a few days ago.
  • Jim Henley has a great essay on “The Citizen or the Police

    Nobody worth performing the Heimlich Maneuver on is going to tell the police they saw their sister smoking pot. Am I okay with my sister going to jail if she sells some pills or her favors? Do I think my sister or brother should be dragged into court if she drains her field or he hires too many people of the wrong color? No. So I have no business supporting a regime that subjects other people’s siblings to those things. Would I have to agree that if my sister drowned my niece, or my brother defrauded credit card companies or my mother burned down her building for the insurance, that they should be subject to arrest and imprisonment. Yes, I’m afraid.

    (via Reason’s Hit and Run.)

  • Andrew Sullivan has written Alone – On A Stage about the evolution of privacy, and its relation to freedom. [Update: D’oh! Samablog emailed this to me.]