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Real ID, Real Problems

Bill Scannell writes:

We have less than 48 hours to stop our nation from having a National ID card
scheme. Do we really want to have the same ID system as Communist China? I
think not.

The US Senate is scheduled to vote this Tuesday on the Real ID Act. They’ve
never debated the bill. Most of them haven’t even bothered to read it.
Nevertheless, they’re going to pass it: unless we do something to stop them

Real ID is a very, very real national identification card.

This isn’t going to be easy, but we need to put the Senate on notice that if
they vote for Real ID, they’re voting in favor of a National ID Card.

Take immediate action:

I’ve covered closely related topics in “Texas DMV, hundreds, mailing errors,” “Drivers License Fraud” (check out the picture), and most relevant, I think, “Economics of Fake IDs.”

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