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Director, Malicious Code and Malware

My friend and former boss at Radialpoint is looking for a malicious code and malware expert:

The Director of Malicious Code and Malware will be responsible for being the leading authority on the security and protection of more than 14 million broadband subscribers, the largest community of broadband subscribers in the world. This high profile, expert position will be in the company’s Center of Excellence (CoE) and report to the Chief Strategy Officer. The CoE group will be responsible for research, market analysis, and develop information products for both internal and external customers.

Radialpoint is the company formerly known as Zero-Knowledge Systems. Zero-Knowledge was one of those companies that everyone had an opinion about, but I’ll simply say that I learned a great deal, and am quite pleased with the time that I spent there, and miss many of the great folks I worked with while there.

If this position was a better fit for me my current skills and interests, you wouldn’t be hearing about it here.

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