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What Do You Have to Do To Get Fired Here?

Ryan Singel has the scoop. The GAO report to Congress is also covered in the New York Times, “Flight Database Found to Violate Privacy Law:”

“Careless missteps such as this jeopardize the public trust and D.H.S.’ ability to deploy a much-needed, new system,” Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, wrote on Friday to Secretary Michael Chertoff of the Department of Homeland Security.

Three times is not ‘careless missteps,’ Senator. It’s TSA learning that they can get away with it. They’re the result of small violations going unpunished. So my question is not really “What do you have to do to get fired here,” but “How many laws do you need to break to get fired here?”

2 comments on "What Do You Have to Do To Get Fired Here?"

  • beri says:

    obviously, if you work for the government, you won’t get fired, especially if you work in the White House. Just ask Karl Rove.

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