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Corruption-Free Anguilla?

anguilla.jpgThere’s a new blog, “Corruption-free Anguilla.” Long time cypherpunks will remember the joys of the Cable and Wireless contract with Anguilla. From the blog’s inaugural post:

The need for such a site is based on the perception that there is much discussion in hushed tones about corruption. No one discusses the matter publicly. The press is silent. The radio is muffled. Public discourse is discouraged. Let there be a free discussion here. All contributions are welcome. Needless to say, the editor of this site reserves the right to delete or edit any comment that appears to be unfair.

Best of luck to them! It’s challenging to engage in conversations about changing public life when you’re on a small island. There may not be a lot of privacy around what you say, and the powers you’re accusing of corruption can make your life difficult.

Photo by Miranda Hattie.