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700 arrests made to avert election terrorist attack

Jihad Watch points to an AP story:

More than 700 people were arrested on immigration violations and thousands more subjected to FBI interviews in an intense government effort to avert a terrorist attack aimed at disrupting the election.

As with past unrealized al Qaeda threats, law-enforcement officials said yesterday they don’t know for sure whether any of those arrests or interviews foiled an attack.

2 comments on "700 arrests made to avert election terrorist attack"

  • Pete says:

    This is the big problem with preventive controls. We may have changed the future by thwarting an attack… or we may have violated somebody’s rights. I wonder how many terrorist attacks have been prevented since 9/11… Of course, it is hard to tell whether somebody’s infringed rights are worth the benefit of a foregone attack. And hard to prove whether this is the case as well.

  • adam says:

    Thank you. I was trying to write that.
    I do think that if we were thwarting attacks, we would see more people arrested with tools, explosives, maps, plans, etc. But maybe they’re being administratively detained to manage information flow.
    I don’t quite believe that we do. If we had good evidence of another attack, it would have been trotted out in the run-up to the election.

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