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Three By Froomkin

Michael Froomkin has three nice posts today. First, Inside The TSA, we learn that power tends to corrupt:

This account of the goings-on at the MIA TSA branch, brought to you by the feisty local Miami New Times, is worse than not pretty. It’s pretty ugly: allegations of theft from passengers’ bags, sexual harassment (of other TSA employees), massive featherbedding, internal racism, and general incompetence.

Second, an article on Google’s library, and finally, a post on defense vs offense in the free speech wars, which I want to mull on a little before responding:

Back in the day — going on ten years ago — we thought the ‘net would change the world. We were right about that, but not in the ways we thought — we thought PGP and onion routing and an explosion of free speech meant an end to content control.