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Advances in Financial Cryptography – "First Issue"

I have a long list of issues with the academic publishing process. I’m a big fan of the Public Library of Science model. So when Ian Grigg asked me if I’d be interested in helping with his new publishing model, I was pretty excited. And now, I have an essay in the first issue:

I’m proud to announce our “first issue” of Advances in Financial Cryptography! These three draft papers are presented, representing a wide range of potential additions to the literature:

Daniel Nagy, On Secure Knowledge-Based Authentication
Adam Shostack, Avoiding Liability: An Alternative Route to More Secure Products
Ian Grigg, Pareto-Secure

I’d love your feedback or comments on the essay, which asks if we can use (economic) signals to complement or replace imposed liability.

Speaking of those issues with academic publishing, the essay is intentionally written to be an easy read, rather than “oh-my what a hard problem this is.” Those who deal with the issues will, I hope, see that there’s some useful new bits there. Those who don’t might feel that much of it is obvious.

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