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My local supermarket has Stroopwafels! They’re cleverly hidden in the cookie section, which I carefully avoid (due to a lack of willpower). But next time someone gripes about global free trade, I have a miniature stroopwafel to throw at them.

Yes, I got the mini ones. No, I’m neither illiterate, nor smoking anything. I got them because they’re easier to dunk, rather than sit on my big cappuccino cups.

…thus nearly fulfilling the important promise made on my home page, except they’re more tea-time than dinner time. I hope you’ll forgive me and keep reading, at least until I get around to dinner plans.

[PS: I meant to mention that the frame and shadow bits were added by Galerie, an excellent and free way to get photos from your Mac to the web.]

One comment on "Stroopwafels!"

  • Harry says:

    “No blood for Stroopwafels!” has a real ring to it. Don’t be suprised if you hear that next time you’re buying your treat. If a more intelligent criticism of trade issues appeals, I can recommend the Mutualist.

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