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NSA Call Tracking Legality

nsa-counsel.jpgThere are times you just have to defer to the lawyers. So I shall.

In deferring to lawyers, I can get away with a link to Kip Esquire, who has great analysis in “Are We At ‘Worse than Nixon’ Yet?

Tomato-bait by Hokiefacs, on Flickr.

One comment on "NSA Call Tracking Legality"

  • Iang says:

    A rushed out survey had it that most Americans supported the idea. So maybe Bush is more in tune with the public than the intelligentsia (us lot) would like to believe.
    The Jetblue affair did generate some heat, although whether it was ultimately futile opposition I don’t know.
    Question would be … is anyone likely to switch to Qwest now?
    Are people likely to switch to Skype for the brief period it takes for eBay to bring them to heel? Is there going to a rush into other VoIP? Will that result in IP#s being limited out to card-carrying citizens? Will using Tor become punishable as treason?
    And, above all, is your average terrorist so thick as to let this minor disadvantage slow him down?

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