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A good day for liberty

In its powerfully worded decision, the [UK Law Lords] said that the government’s “draconian” measures unjustly discriminate against foreigners since they do not apply to British citizens and constitute a lopsided response to the threat of a terrorist attack.

(From The New York Times, see also the BBC or Volokh.)

WASHINGTON (AP) — A [US] federal judge ruled Thursday that an American held in Saudi Arabia for suspected links to terrorism might be able to challenge his detention in a U.S. court because there is “considerable” evidence U.S. officials were behind the arrest.

(From the AP via the New York Times, or Volokh.)

The way to win a kulturkampf is by showing off the best parts of your kultur. Its a good thing we have the courts to do that, when our executives are deranged. Hey, that balance of power thing was a good idea. Maybe some others could adopt it?

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  • dbs says:

    I too heard the bit about the UK ruling, and cheered. In an age of gloom for privacy, security, and sectarianism, this was welcome news.

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