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TSA to Revise Rules

[Updated with data from NYT]

A new plan by the Transportation Security Administration would allow airline passengers to bring scissors and other sharp objects in their carry-on bags because the items no longer pose the greatest threat to airline security, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The TSA’s internal studies show that carry-on-item screeners spend half of their screening time searching for cigarette lighters, a recently banned item, and that they open 1 out of every 4 bags to remove a pair of scissors, according to sources briefed by the agency. Officials believe that other security measures now in place, such as hardened cockpit doors, would prevent a terrorist from commandeering an aircraft with box cutters or scissors.

From “TSA Would Allow Sharp Objects on Airliners” (Washington Post). I’m very pleased to hear this. I’m curious: Will I be allowed to bring my swiss army knife again? [Update:No!] (When I flew back and forth to Tel Aviv, the last question Israel airport security always asked was “Do you have anything that could be considered a weapon. I always carried a swiss army knife as a carryon, and told them. They, properly, never cared.)

[The New York Times has an article with more details, “Significant Changes in Air Passenger Screening Lie Ahead.” More focus on finding explosives, more random searches, still no knives.]

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4 comments on "TSA to Revise Rules"

  • Anonymous says:

    The obligatory jokes:
    1) “TSA to allow running with scissors”
    2) “What about Ted Kennedy?”
    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Nobody could possibly run carrying Ted Kennedy.
    (Also here all week)

  • dbs says:

    As someone who travels perpetually with a leatherman multi tool, this woudl be welcome (assuming it’s allowed in carry-on).
    But then I might be ablt to TAKE APART the cockpit door!
    (me, who has more than once had to mail said leatherman home because i forgot to put it int he checked luggage)

  • Planet Geek! says:

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