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What Choicepoint Learned

Another new measure: ChoicePoint this month created a security advisory committee comprised of DiBattiste, the company’s CIO, head of internal audit, the chief business officer, chief marketing officer, chief administrative officer and general counsel. The group meets regularly “to ensure we’re hitting every aspect of security and privacy,” says DiBattiste.

“One of the lessons we learned is that security is a moving target,” she says. “The bad guys move too. So we have to constantly be in touch with the things we need to be doing to respond.”

So ends an article “Choicepoint’s Lessons Learned” in Baseline.

They learned that in 2006?

Maybe they should be attending Blackhat, or Defcon. I hear tell Defcon has some ATMs that they could use.

3 comments on "What Choicepoint Learned"

  • Andre LePlume says:

    They’re hitting every aspect of security and privacy like Tony Soprano’s underlings hit kneecaps!

  • beri says:

    marketing and general counsel get equal billing with the person in charge of security. Can you guess where that will go?

  • Ren says:

    I think so, Stimpy, but how are we going to get the donkey into the lederhosen?

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