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Transparency in Government

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada is blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere!

In unrelated news, the Canadian dollar reached parity with the US dollar for the first time in thirty years. See the Canadian Broadcasting Company, “$1 Cdn = $1 US.”

2 comments on "Transparency in Government"

  • Nicko says:

    It’s worth noting that the Dollar/Dollar shift can’t even be attributed to the difference in interest rates, since the return on US$ deposits remains higher than the return on CA$ deposits (based on interbank rates). So, I guess it all comes down to confidence in who’s ruining the economy.
    Ooops, Freudian slip, I really did aim to type “running” there!

  • Chris says:

    Maybe objective conditions bode well for Canada. After all, the Northwest passage will soon be lined with sunbathers, so there’s a boom coming that hasn’t been seen since Yukon frontier days. :^)

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