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Small Bits of Chaos: Taxes, Orientation, Liberty, Fraudulent Licenses

Scrivner writes about the perverse nature of the AMT.

Chuck Spinney at D-N-I asks “Is America Inside Its Own OODA Loop?” The article contains some very clear writing on the meaning of orientation, and applies that idea:

He showed why the most dangerous internal state of an OODA loop occurs when the Orientation process becomes so powerful that it force fits the organism’s observations into fitting a preconceived template, even when those observations threaten the relevance of that template.

Europhobia has a great rant on the UK’s approach to liberty:

Yep, having been told by the Law Lords that the detention without trial of foreign terror suspects is illegal, Clarke has interpreted their ruling in such a way as to justify the adoption of a truly wonderfully Stalinist policy. Because, hey – what the Law Lords were obviously objecting to most of all was the discrimination, right? So if you end the discrimination it’ll all be fine!

Too bad his trackbacks are broken. ( trackback:ping="<$BlogItemNumber$>)

Finally, Newsday has a long article on fraudulent issue of drivers licenses. (My thoughts are in my talk “Identity and Economics: Terrorism and Privacy.” Short form: As long as there’s a huge market demand for ID cards, and most of the people getting them are chasing the American dream, the market will connect buyers and sellers. If we want ID cards to be resilient, we need to reduce the demand for them.

2 comments on "Small Bits of Chaos: Taxes, Orientation, Liberty, Fraudulent Licenses"

  • Iang says:

    Good explanation from Chuck Spinney. I understand more about what Boyd was on about. A couple of points: firstly, here’s another Boyd fan:
    Secondly, apply Chuck Spinney’s post to my thoughts on the information market in asymmetric, balanced and insufficient goods: the question is how to decide when there is insufficient information, and OODA’s viewpoint is “whatever the Orientation says!”

  • adam says:

    Help me recall your thoughts on that infomration market? (Also, it’s OODA Loop. The looping is very important.)

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