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German Biometric Trials

The assessment of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) according to which biometric visual-image search systems are not advanced enough to be used by the police to search for persons has led to mixed reactions. The Federal Criminal Police Office presented the fairly sobering research results of its visual-image search systems project on Wednesday in Wiesbaden. Given the present state of the technology the system was unfit to be deployed, the Office concluded.

Mixed reactions to the facial-features recognition technology project of the BKA” at Heise online.

3 comments on "German Biometric Trials"

  • shrdlu says:

    Wow — there’s a government somewhere that will come out and admit that its project won’t work???
    Colour me gobsmacked …

  • Rob Newby says:

    The British Government do that all the time, they call it “outsourcing”.
    Then the outsourcers spend 6 months on the project until they get to the point the government were at previously, and then everyone admits that it won’t work.
    It’s very clever and saves oodles of important civil servants’ time.

  • Tom Lyons says:

    I have two clients who are asking me to investigate matters with Choice Point as it relates to inaccurate employment records provide to prospective employers. I am seeking persons who have similar experiences to determine a “pattern and practice” on the part of Choice Point.

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