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Police Chiefs Gone Wild

Harold Hurtt has suggested that surveillance cameras be placed “in apartment complexes, downtown streets, shopping malls and even private homes”, according to this story in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. In response, I hereby found….

The Hurtt Prize

The Hurtt Prize is a $1120 (and growing) reward for the first person who can provide definitive videotaped evidence of Houston police chief Harold Hurtt committing a crime, any crime. This evidence will posted here and forward to the Huston Police Department along with a demand that action be taken.

(Via Dave Farber’s IP list.)

3 comments on "Police Chiefs Gone Wild"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Darn Texas copycats. The Windy City was on this first.
    The Chicago City Council may require businesses to install CCTV equipment to monitor their premises and surrounding *public* property:
    This is supported by the mayor. Inquiring minds might also want to look at Chicago’s “operation virtua shield”, in which businesses have their own cams (located inside and outside of buildings) monitored by the police department.

  • He-Who-Watches-The-Watchers says:

    Set up your cameras here:
    HUMBLE TX 77345
    (source: public records maintained by Harris County Tax Office,

  • Adam says:

    It turns out your link didn’t work, but entering the certificate “56941370” in the “new search” link works fine.

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