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Yahoo & China

Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang said the company was merely following Chinese law – it had no choice. But as human rights groups have been pointing out, Yahoo! has been going above and beyond the strict legal requirements for some time. In 2002 it signed the Internet Society of China’s Public Pledge on Self-Discipline for the Chinese Internet Industry.

Rebecca MacKinnon has the story in “Yahoo! & Chinese Censorship.” She has a lot of detail about what Yahoo does to aid and abet the Chinese government in preventing the Chinese people from being able to communicate freely.

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  • eSoftBank says:

    Yahoo cooborates with mainland Chinese police, provides information

    Bloggers and human rights groups are calling for a boycott of Y ahoo after the United States inteernt giant supplied information to the Chinese central government that led to a 10-year prison sentance for mainland journalist Shi Tao.
    Many are saying …

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