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Investing in Identity Theft: The Job Fair


For Aisha Shahid and dozens of others who went to an advertised job fair in Chattanooga and got offers of nightclub work in Atlanta, Memphis and Miami, the “dream jobs” turned out to be an identity theft scam.

A man who identified himself as record company and music group president William Devon took applications and personal identification numbers from more than 100 people January 13th and 14th.

At a reception for the applicants that Saturday night, Devon showed up briefly before he left and never returned. The applicants who thought they were hired discovered they had been duped.

The man took many of the applicants’ drivers licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and even a diploma.
Chattanooga police say they are investigating.

From “Job fair turn out to be massive ID theft” scam via Knoxville’s WBIR-tv. What’s fascinating to me is the effort needed to put on something that looks like a job fair (or even a booth in a job fair).