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Small Bits: Biometrics in Drivers Licenses, Cars, Privacy Art

  • Grits for Breakfast writes about his testimony before the Texas House in Biometrics debate hinged on ID theft:

    The committee also seemed surprised that DPS had included facial recognition technology in their drivers license re-engineering RFP, even though the Legislature did not approve it.

    My understanding is that the AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) is pushing such things. They write sample RFPs, which get adopted by administrators who don’t want to buck the system.

  • In a story to be related, Bruce Schneier points to a BBC story about thieves cutting off a finger to beat a biometric system.
    In the future, they’ll be hacking off the fingers of DMV employees to get into the biometrics databases.
  • PostSecret is an art project which encourages people to write secrets on anonymous postcards. Cool!

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  • Scott says:

    Good info on AAMVA – the Texas DL chief mentioned them at the hearing, but it didn’t occur to me the RFP language might be from them. If you can point me to language from those model RFPs, I’d appreciate it, or I’ll see if I can hunt it down.

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