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French Elections

You might not know it if you read only the American press, but the French voted today in a referendum on the European Union’s proposed Constitution. It’s an awful document, and the French are expected to reject it, plunging the EU into crisis, and leading to the Chancellor being made Emperor.

If the EU would like to roll ahead with a new constitution, we have a perfectly fine one that addresses a great many of the issues they’re fighting over. It’s time-tested, and we’re not using it out of copyright.

2 comments on "French Elections"

  • Axel says:

    Fortunately, Schröder would not have what it takes to rule Europe 🙂 Besides, your constitution is nice piece – for US Americans. For everyone else, it’s a nice example of what comes up when you drive people out of their home countries. A-hem. Seriously, though, the US constitution Would Not Work in Europe. The mindsets are way too different.

  • You are just so clever. I love reading what you write.

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