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CPNI Public Comment

The FCC has asked for comments on “TELECOMMUNICATIONS CARRIER’S USE OF CUSTOMER PROPRIETARY NETWORK INFORMATION AND OTHER CUSTOMER INFORMATION.” “Customer Proprietary Network Information” is newspeak for “selling your phone records.”

Several anonymous readers commented on “Selling Your Phone Records” about their troubles with T-Mobile. Here’s a chance to tell the FCC what you went through. Please do. (Via Chris Hoofnagle.)

2 comments on "CPNI Public Comment"

  • Smith says:

    I will submit a comment on my experience with T-Mobile. However, Chris or Adam, do you have a link to anything on the FCC site where they request comments? I was unable to find anything. I’d just like to read something which will give me some context. Thanks!

  • Adam says:

    I don’t have such a link, but after looking around, decided that the title, plus Chris’ nudging to comment, was enough for me to go ahead and explain how hard this was with Cingular.

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