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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • RT @timoreilly Amazon patents inferring religion from choice of wrapping paper << Over the "creepy" line #
  • RT @kevinmitnick Did you ever want a blue box to make free calls? Now you can in the Apple app store. Search for "blue box". EPIC!!! #
  • I wonder what Woz thinks of being able to get a blue box on his apple phone? (cc @kevinmitnick) #
  • I'm super-happy to see @rmogull, @Beaker, @nselby & more arguing over quality & speed of breach disclosure. #AVeryNewSchoolChristmas 🙂 #
  • It's cool that Skype's preferences uses a segment of 1984 as the sample chat when showing that logs are kept. #
  • Very interesting history of names at #28c3 /cc @_nomap @privacyint #
  • RT @doctorow Adversarial stylometry data-set/research #28C3 < Totally rad! #
  • RT @jeremiahg New blog post: "Terrified" << Kudos on speaking up! #
  • RT @Beaker Easy, because "outcomes" require analysis, modeling & understanding. Controls can be bought, installed & checked off #
  • So has anyone written up an analysis of the GoD dump? (mm.txt) #
  • RT @evilcyber I can probably narrow the GOOG stuff down to about a 6 month window in 2003. 🙂 << There's stuff when Aleph1 was at SFocus #
  • RT @argvee @evilcyber @adamshostack we got it down to 3. #

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