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Merlin Information Systems, 9,000, Lying customers

If these data brokers had any ability to deliver on their marketing, these things would never happen. Some assistant DA somewhere is going to close a data broker on false advertising, and make a name for themselves.

The Daily Interlake reports “Thief nets personal information from Kalispell company:”

About 9,000 people have been notified that some of their personal information was taken from the Merlin Information Service’s database in Kalispell.

[Founder and President] Dores’ letter to the individuals concluded with this comment, “Please accept my personal apology for any distress that this incident may cause you. As a business owner, I have been personally committed to ensuring that Merlin has exceeded the industry’s privacy, security and fair information practices standards throughout our 14 year history. I can also assure you that we have further tightened our security and client qualification procedures so that this type of incident does not reoccur.”

Merlin has a Press page with their letter, FAQ and other support. Via the PIPEDA blog.