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Blue Cross of Arizona, 57,000 SSNs + Medical Data, Arizona Biodyne

The Arizona Republic brings us the news that “Medical firm’s files with personal data stolen:”

The personal information of 57,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona customers was stolen from a Phoenix-based managed care company.

Arizona Biodyne, an affiliate of Magellan Health Services that manages behavioral health for Blue Cross of Arizona, began last Friday notifying customers and providers whose information was lost in the latest theft in which financial, personal or medical records were taken.

The stolen information included policyholders’ addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. They also contained partial treatment histories for some patients and certain information about the doctors who provided that care, Biodyne spokeswoman Erin Somers said.

“Behaviorial Health,” incidentally, is apparently NewSpeak for “drug user we’d like to treat,” as evidenced at BHWorld, whose banner reads “One stop center for information on substance abuse and related mental disorders.”
(Via ISN.)