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The stupidest post of the year?

George Hulme nominates this as the stupidest blog post of the year. I’m tempted to vote, although we have 30 more days.

Business leaders need to understand there is no more need for proper security to justify itself over and over again. It saves you time and money (period).

My take? Anytime someone says that someone else in a different role asserts that “leaders must,” what they’re really saying is “I have no arguments beyond the assertion.”

Were it so obvious as is asserted, there would be no need to assert it. No one bothers to say “Business leaders need to understand that the sun will rise tomorrow.”

Similarly, if security were an obvious savings of time and money, then there would be no need to claim that leaders just needed to wake up to that fact.

Feel free to offer up entries for sillier in the comments. Including, of course, this post.