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2005 Underhanded C Contest

Inspired by Daniel Horn’s Obfuscated V contest in the fall of 2004, we hereby announce an annual contest to write innocent-looking C code implementing malicious behavior. In many ways this is the exact opposite of the Obfuscated C Code Contest: in this contest you must write code that is as readable, clear, innocent and straightforward as possible, and yet it must fail to perform at its apparent function. To be more specific, it should do something subtly evil.

Read more at the 2005 Underhanded C Contest. I covered the Obfuscated Voting Contest, and the winners.
Via Slashdot.

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  • A hand of Pennies

    Adam points at the Underhanded C Contest. This is a good idea – write some C which is totally readable but does something underhanded. This year’s challenge is to do some basic image processing but to conceal a fingerprint in…

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