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Small Bits: ICANN, Mock Trials, S.116, etc

Ian Grigg and I have a letter to ICANN about Verisign. See his post.

Eric Rescorla has a Kafka-esque excerpt from the “trial” of Mustafa Ait Idr, who wasn’t allowed to see the evidence against him.

Mort points me to US Senate Bill 166116, introduced by Diane Feinstein, making it a crime to sell social security numbers. Private right of action, good. Section 207.b.3’s insertions into the social security act, making it a crime to lie about your SSN even when you’re not committing a crime, bad. Other analysis, I hope, to follow. noise excuses my prior misspellings, and helped me find a good URL.

America’s Finest News source reports on “Nation’s Leading Alarmists Excited About Bird Flu
,” pointing out that None of the nation’s 15,000 certified alarmists have offered a strategy to deal with a possible outbreak. Remind you of any other professions?

[Update: I’m bad with numbers. thanks, noise.]