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Those scurvy dogs!


The scurvy dogs at TD Ameritrade may have tricked us!

Well, maybe. The comments on “Analyzing the TD Ameritrade Disclosure” and articles like “Lawsuit Raises Questions on TD Ameritrade Breach” and “Ameritrade Customers’ contact information hacked” have been demanding a re-think of what I want to think on the subject. But less importantly, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!. We at Emergent Chaos love pirates far more than we love ninjas. No one has any fun on talk like a ninja day.

We celebrated in 2005 by reminding you that more pirates, less global warming.

We stand by that a lot more than we stand by me Ameritrade post. If there be any justice, I’d be scraping the bottom o’ barnacles. But there’s no justice this side of the Atlantic, thanks be.

Image plundered from amphion27.

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