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CardSystems Cards Being Exploited

The Denver Channel reports that “Stolen Credit Card Data Now Being Sold On Internet:”

CardSystems Solutions Inc. is admitting it made a huge mistake after some 40 million credit card accounts ended up in the wrong hands. Some of those account numbers are already being sold on a Russian Web site, and some consumers are already finding fraudulent charges on their statements.

The damage from this one is going to be fast and furious, as thieves try to cash out before the card numbers are changed. (Via Paul Melson, posting to the Firewall Wizards list.)

One comment on "CardSystems Cards Being Exploited"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Interesting. I just read this AM that they hadn’t shown up yet.
    Of course, “the damage” is going to be to merchants, not (directly, anyway) anyone else. I can see someone asking why the 200,000 card #s known to have been “exported” (in more ways than one, it seems) haven’t been put on bad card lists. I have yet to see any definitive statement on whether they have, but the tone of what I have read strongly suggests that they have not.

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