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Mount Sinai Hospital, 10,000 Ground Zero worker SSNs, Disgruntled Ex-Employee

Letters have gone out to about 10,000 Ground Zero rescue and cleanup workers, notifying them that a computer containing Social Security numbers and health records was stolen, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

The letters were sent by the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program, which is providing free health-care services to the workers. Workers are being warned that “someone with sophisticated computer abilities might be able to access this information,” even though there is no evidence anybody has done so, according to the correspondence that was dated Sept. 22.

Officials with the program told the New York Police Department of the theft, which occurred at an office on East 102nd Street on July 10 — more than two months before the letters were sent.

The letter explained that the information contained no names, but did include “other potentially identifying information, including Social Security number, zip code and date of birth as well as limited health information, including findings from patient physical exams (lung and nose exams). There was no information from the mental health exam.”

The New York Daily News reports that Malcolm Mitchell, 27, of the Bronx was arrested in “Man arrested in theft of computer with WTC hero info.”

(Thanks to Chris Walsh.)